Tranquility Machines (mk.1)

Tranquility Machines (mk.1)
Tranquility Machines (mk.1)
acrylic, oil on canvas (3 panels)
160 x 140 cm (extremities)

The work is about a heightened awareness of the present, and the presence of being in physical space.

The first of two paintings exhibited at Altro Mondo – Arte Contemporanea. Titled ‘Beyond the Naked Eye’, the group show consists of Sonny Fernando, Niño Hernandez, Fitz Herrera, Kenneth John Montegrande, Demi Padua, Pancho Piano, Jay Ragma, Valen Valero and Jhoan Roa.

The exhibition ran from 8 August 2018 to 9 September 2018.

‘Beyond the Naked Eye’ was also covered by Maurice Arcache for his column at Philstar.