Stories of the Nile

Stories of the Nile

Stories of the Nile
Watercolour on paper
50 x 36 cm

I couldn’t decide whether to call this ‘Memory River’ or the title that it now has. The title conjures up to me imagery of a long, gentle river along the sand. One that is distant, and exotic, and holds history. A place where elements of the earth meet, where time is almost endless under the sun.

This came about from the urge to do a rhythmic but free-flowing and ‘open’ pattern. The geometric shapes are intended to contrast and be bordered or framed by a bright and sinuous lines. The lines have color that smoothly transition in gradients that emphasize the flowing nature of water. These also interweave loosely because I wanted the surface to appear expansive and connected. Like a material the binds all things and people.

The geometric shapes are a visual representation of something that is in and among this ‘binding fabric’. Flowing upwards with the currents in an endless stream. They are our stories, lives, imaginations; us.


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